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Technology is wonderful, right? Well perhaps, but only if it helps improve your bottom line or otherwise meets your objectives! If you are tired of technology "experts" who live and breathe technology but have no understanding of the operational implications of technology in your organization, you have come to the right place.

At STS we have many, many years of experience using technology in a sensible way to help businesses and other organizations achieve their goals. From basic computing to advanced networking and telephony, we have recommended, deployed and supported it all. Our objective is to recommend, deliver and support the best technology solutions for your organization whether provided by STS or others.

Our emphasis is on providing sensible, effective services for our clients, not on selling hardware or software. In fact, many times we recommend and assist in the purchasing of hardware/software for our clients, rather than selling these products directly. If we have any product related biases it is because of our experience with such products, not because of a financial interest in their sale to our clients. We are truly motivated by what is in the best interest of our clients. If we focused on selling hardware/software products we fear it would cloud our judgment and impair our objectivity.

We are very focused on four key "abilities" required by all our clients:

  1. Affordability - The ability to afford the technology, meaning the technology investment must meet the same criteria as any other business investment and the total cost of ownership, rather than simply the initial investment, must be thoroughly evaluated.
  2. Availability - The ability to be available for use by the business. It simply must work, and work during the times when business requirements dictate.
  3. Reliability - The ability of the deployed technology to reliably perform the function required.
  4. Supportability - The ability for the technology to be easily and cost effectively supported.

So, if you are looking for sensible technology for your business, STS may be able to help. We would certainly welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your business and how technology might be used, in a sensible manner, to help you achieve your business goals.


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